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BEUMER Group acquires air supported belt conveyor company The Hendrik Group

The BEUMER Group has acquired what it says is one of the leading companies for air supported belt conveyors, The Hendrik Group Inc, in a deal that confirms its commitment towards sustainability.

The move, which is fully complementary to the company’s current technologies offering, ensures an even broader customer benefit, BEUMER Group said.

Founded in 1983 by Henk Hartsuiker and based in Woodbury, Connecticut, USA, the Hendrik Group has become one of the leading manufacturers in the bulk materials handling industry with customers all over the world. In recent years, Hendrik Group has become synonymous with the environmentally friendly transport of bulk materials, using its air supported conveyors to transport sensitive materials while ensuring hazardous substances are not released into the environment. At the very core of the technology is an air cushion used to support the belt and the load. The result is a weatherproof and dustproof transport solution that is quiet, clean and efficient, according to the company.

Hendrik Operations Manager, Rik Hartsuiker, believes that his father’s many years of experience and expertise in air supported conveying technology are now in the best hands.

“We hope my father’s legacy is safe in BEUMER’s care and are confident that they will be as committed to the further development of air supported conveying systems as we were,” he said.

Kay Wieczorek, Head of the Center of Competence Product Business of the BEUMER Group, said: “In recent years, we have often had constructive discussions with the Hendrik Group about international cooperation in the field of air supported belt conveying systems. The acquisition of this internationally successful company is the logical consequence of these constructive discussions. The qualitative expansion of our products is a great opportunity for us: we will continue to develop the groundbreaking technology.”

The acquisition will expand BEUMER’s portfolio and strengthen its market position in both the cement and the minerals and mining industry, it says.

Markus Schmidt, CEO of BEUMER Corporation in Somerset, New Jersey, USA, said: “The Hendrik Group specialises in the efficient and environmentally friendly transport of bulk materials. This aligns very well with our goals of bringing sustainable products to the market and improving our customers’ carbon footprint.”