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Mayhew Performance wins Americas distribution rights to ABI Disconnect

Mayhew Performance and G&L Innovation LLC have announced a partnership for the exclusive distribution rights for the ABI (Automatic Battery Interrupter) Disconnect product in Canada, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

The ABI Disconnect serves two main purposes:

  • Protecting the battery in the event of a deployment of the fire suppression system, it automatically isolates and disconnects the batteries; and
  • When the ABI detects inactivity, it removes the load and isolates the batteries prolonging the life of the batteries.

Gerald Laughter, President & CEO, G&L Innovation, said: “ABI saves lives, property, production and the environment one box at a time. We are truly excited to partner with a global leader and partner like Mayhew Performance who specialises in battery-electric equipment and underground mining.”

Mike Mayhew, Chairman of Mayhew Performance, said: “We are extremely excited to partner with G&L Innovation LLC and implement the ABI Disconnect in our underground mines around the world to showcase a unique and innovative approach to battery safety for underground mining equipment. The ABI Disconnect is adaptable to diesel or battery-electric vehicle equipment for safe operations and managing risk and safety for operators with a simple installation, as a low-cost solution.”

2BL to take ‘reuse + repurpose – recycle’ message to battery-electric vehicle market

2nd Battery Life Inc has appointed a new President and CEO that, it hopes, will position the company ahead of the curve on the downstream reuse of batteries for battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) in mining.

Vernon Cameron has been appointed to the top job, joining Chairman & Chief Technology Officer – and battery-electric vehicle specialist – Mike Mayhew on the executive team.

Cameron brings a wealth of experience in private equity, private and public companies with over 30 years of senior level experience on a global basis, according to the company. His hands-on experience in manufacturing environments, as well as global sourcing connections, will maximise profitability and drive enterprise value, it said.

Mayhew, who with Stacktronic is currently working on repurposing and electrifying a personnel carrier for use in the underground mining sector under the guise of his Mayhew Performance company, said he was “extremely excited” to launch 2nd Battery Life Inc to the market.

“The need for 2BL is critical for the future of battery electric as we implement more BEVs within the mining operations, as part of the overall equipment life cycle towards zero emissions.

“2BL will be the cornerstone of ‘reuse + repurpose – recycle” for mining clients on a global basis and we are going to create a Centre of Excellence to manage 2nd Battery Life.”

Cameron, who recently moved back to Sudbury, said: “The timing of entering this emerging market space positions 2BL to be ahead of the curve on downstream reuse of batteries for mining BEVs.”

CEMI to bolster underground mining network with help of Mayhew Performance

Canada’s national Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) has welcomed Mike Mayhew’s Mayhew Performance Ltd as a CEMI Associate.

Mike Mayhew and Mayhew Performance bring over 28 years of mining experience and a wide network across Canada to CEMI, the centre said.

“In particular, CEMI will leverage Mayhew Performance Ltd’s network and underground operations industry connections,” CEMI said. “Mayhew Performance Ltd has a proven track record of bringing to market small to medium sized enterprises driving innovation in the areas of battery-electric vehicles all the way to adoption by mining companies.”

Mayhew Performance is currently working with Stacktronic to repurpose and electrify a personnel carrier for use in the underground mining sector ahead of the MINExpo conference in September.

Mike Mayhew said: “I am excited to be part of the CEMI Associate team as we continue to expand battery-electric vehicles to achieve my personal goal of ‘zero emissions’ in underground mining. The CEMI team offers a solid platform and a wide range of industry experience, knowledge and skills that complement Mayhew Performance Ltd as a strategic partner.”

Charles Nyabeze, VP Business Development and Commercialisation at CEMI, said: “Onboarding organisations like Mayhew Performance Ltd into our network allows CEMI to increase its capacity to better serve the global mining innovation and technology development ecosystem. In addition, CEMI believes in leveraging local assets. We see Mayhew Performance LTD as a strategic addition to how we deliver value to all our clients.”

Stacktronic and Mayhew Performance to fast track battery-electric conversions

Stacktronic and Mayhew Performance say they have agreed a partnership to repurpose and electrify a personnel carrier for use in the underground mining sector.

The project, to take place in the Sudbury Basin of Ontario, Canada, will kick off in early April, with the converted vehicle to be unveiled at MINExpo in Las Vegas, Nevada, in September 2020.

Stacktronic and Mayhew Performance will be working together to install, test, and commission the battery system in an underground mining environment, they said.

Stacktronic says its “truly modular battery platform” simplifies the design process for electric powertrains, allowing any vehicle, of any size and any production volume, to be “battery-powered in weeks rather than years”.

Founded in 2020, Mayhew Performance, meanwhile, is led by Mike Mayhew, who specialises in battery technology, project delivery and execution. Prior to establishing Mayhew Performance, Mike Mayhew worked at Kirkland Lake Gold, one of the biggest users of battery-electric equipment in the mining industry through the adoption of these electrification solutions at the Macassa mine, in Ontario (Mayhew pictured with an Artisan truck at the mine). He was also recently engaged by The GMG Electric Mine Working Group for project management in the working group.

Mike Mayhew, President of Mayhew Performance, said: “I’m extremely excited to partner with Stacktronic to showcase a unique and innovative approach to batteries for underground mining vehicle electrification to create a zero emission mine.”

Keith Teeple, CEO of Stacktronic, added: “Mayhew Performance has the industry experience and has spearheaded electrification projects for major mining companies and OEMs in the past. We’re looking forward to working with him and demonstrating this new battery technology.”

Northern Ontario is the epicentre of underground mining electrification, with several mines having employed battery-electric and other electric loaders, trucks and utility and production support vehicles in their mines.

The companies said the objective is to grow the partnership into a collaboration that “brings together stakeholders across the mining industry by introducing safe, innovative and clean technology”.